Tone is an iPad magazine. Each weekly issue packs six editorials about politics, economy and external affairs by some of the finest journalists, writers and politicians. It's uncensored, honest and direct, pay for what you want to read.

The design is simple, elegant and subtle with a main focus on readability and content.

The App

Simply subscribe to the weekly issues of Tone, buy the weekly issue or the articles individually. For curious readers the first two paragraphs of each article are available for free.


Everyone has their own way of consuming content, the font-size switch and the possibility to toggle between day and night mode make for a preferred reading experience. Share articles on twitter or facebook in just a few taps.

While reading the UI is hidden, reducing the noise on the page and enabling the reader to completely focus on, well… reading. A single tap on the screen shows and hide the UI.


An editorial expresses the opinion of the author, therefore having background information on the author available on the fly is essential.

The Author screen lists of all the authors, their bio's and an overview of their articles. The screenshots do not represent the content of the final product.




UI, UX, Design & Branding

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